Essentials of Training


Didactic conferences

are a strong component of the neurology residency training program. Attendance at the following conferences is mandatory.

Neuroradiology conference

Monday from 2 – 3 pm. During this conference lectures on basic imaging topics are presented by Neuroradiology faculty regularly throughout the year. Most weeks, interesting cases from all neurology and neurosurgical services are presented and reviewed.

Noon Didactic Conference

The core of the neurology didactic program is daily lectures (excluding Wednesday) from noon until 1pm. The entire gambit of neurologic topics is covered, as well as board mandated lectures. Lunch is provided. Attendance is superb. Neuropathology and Journal Club are included in this lecture series.

Friday morning conference

This conference is ad hoc throughout the year when needed, such as preparation for the RITE examination or board prep.

Morning Report

Monday and Tuesday from 7:00am to 7:45am morning report is held. All of the clinical faculty rotate as conference moderators. The residents from night float present an interesting case and relevant imaging and neurophysiologic studies, as well as a literature review relevant to the case. These sessions are highly interactive and stress the basic neurologic discipline as well as practice-based learning and improvement.

Neurology Grand Rounds

is a major teaching and intellectual activity. All faculty and residents are expected to attend. It is held Wednesday from 4-5 pm. Speakers include local faculty in many disciplines, residents and national experts.

Subspecialty Conferences

are not mandatory, but are well-attended. Most disciplines are covered including conferences on vascular neurology, neuromuscular disease, child neurology, brain cutting, movement disorders, and cognitive disorders. Some of these conferences are required for residents on elective in those disciplines.