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Pittsburgh is a many-faceted city known as the Steel City and the City of Champions.  It has the feel of a small town but offers all of the amenities that you will find in any big city in the country. We have a world class symphony, opera and theatre as well as a six time Super Bowl championship football team and a three time Stanley Cup championship hockey team. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is renowned around the country.  It is a vibrant city rich in cultural, educational, and artistic opportunities for residents and visitors alike.  If outdoors pursuits are where your interests lie, we are within an hour of some of the best skiing in the area as well as hiking trails, biking trails and white water rafting.  You don’t even need to leave the city to enjoy an hour or two of kayaking around the three rivers or a leisurely stroll through the Strip District on a Saturday morning (of course stopping at Enrico’s Biscotti for fresh out of the oven biscotti, cookies, or homemade bread.)  Many enjoyable hours can be spent exploring its 88 small and distinct neighborhoods and taking in the rich heritage on which Pittsburgh is founded. Below are some links that will give you more information regarding Pittsburgh and what it has to offer.

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