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Center for ALS Research

The University of Pittsburgh Center for ALS Research was designated by Dr. Arthur Levine in 2006. David Lacomis, MD is the director. The primary purpose of the center is to promote collaboration among University of Pittsburgh scientists and clinicians who share an interest in motor neuron disease research thereby expanding basic, clinical, and translational research in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Current collaborative projects include identification of cerebrospinal fluid and serum biomarkers, analyzing early and evolving anatomic changes in central nervous system motor pathways using high field MRI, and using induced pleuripotent skin stem cells to grow motor neurons and other neural cells to further study motor neuron disease mechanisms and drug effects in vitro.
The Center is also involved in a clinical drug trial of tirasemtiv, and in a multicenter study of diaphragm pacing vs. best medical care. Additional goals include the development of novel drug therapies in ALS. The Center's Assistant Director, Julia Kofler, MD is in charge of the ALS Tissue Bank (for spinal cords and brain), a resource for investigators.

David Lacomis, MD

(412) 647-1706
Center Administration