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If you have a general question regarding a neurological condition of the head, brain, neck, spine or back, submit it to us. Due to the volume of inquiries received, we can't guarantee that we'll respond to every question submitted, but we'll do our best to provide an answer.

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Please note: The "Ask Our Docs" section of our website is intended for educational use only. Please do not submit personal medical information. We can't provide specific medical treatment advice via the internet or e-mail. If you would like to discuss specific medical treatment options, please consult your personal physician or contact us at (412) 692-4920 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. Also, please be aware that all forms of electronic communications, including e-mail transmissions, are susceptible to interception. We cannot guarantee the security of such transmissions.

Please read our full legal disclaimer and privacy policy before submitting any information.