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Cognitive Disorders

Dr. Oscar Lopez’s main area of concentration is Alzheimer’s disease research and AIDS dementia. He is associate director of the ADRC clinical core. Dr. Lopez is also co-investigator in the Ginkgo Biloba Prevention trial in Older Individuals and HIV1- Related Neuropsychological Abnormalities. He leads an NIH-funded study examining predictors of Alzheimer’s disease in mild cognitive impairment (MCI). His recent findings are relevant to our understanding of the symptom profile and nosology of MCI. Dr. Judith Saxton, PhD focuses her research on the assessment of older patients with cognitive problems. She is the principal investigator of a new NIA-funded grant that investigates the utility of cognitive testing in the primary care setting by using computer tests to identify older patients with mild cognitive impairment. In addition she is a co-investigator on a number of studies including the ginkgo biloba trial and the PIB-PET imaging program project grant and will lead the community initiative for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Center of Excellence in the Detection, Diagnosis and Intervention in Dementia. She also is an associate director of the clinical core of the Alzheimer Disease Research Center and the core leader of the training and information core.

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