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Clinical Divisions

The Department of Neurology includes the Divisions of Epilepsy, General Neurology, Headache, Movement Disorders, Neuromuscular Disorders, Neuroimmunology/Multiple Sclerosis, Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, Women’s Neurology and Vascular Neurology. The continued growth of the Alzheimer Disease Research Center in Neurology has expanded services in behavioral neurology and memory disorders. Each division maintains a distinct mix of patient care, clinical research, and teaching activities.

Neurology maintains a presence at several locations throughout Western Pennsylvania. The majority of clinical activity takes place in the Oakland health system facilities, but we also fill needs in other geographical areas. The department has two headache centers, one in Oakland and the other in Wexford; additionally, UPMC Mercy and Monroeville-Oxford Drive offer vascular ultrasound and EMGs, respectively, in addition to outpatient neurologic services. In a joint effort with Maternal Fetal Medicine, a Women’s Neurology clinic operates at Magee Women’s Hospital of UPMC.  The Kaufmann Outpatient Center located in Oakland provides patients with the gamut of neurologic specialists and multi-disciplinary clinics in addition to an outpatient infusion center.  An active physician practice operates in Bethel Park at UPMC South Hills.

Our faculty members continue to be very active in community programs relating to their subspecialties, such as the National MS Society; National Parkinson’s Foundation; Pittsburgh Parkinson’s Foundation; the ALS Society; the National Headache Society; Epilepsy Foundation of America; Muscular Dystrophy Association; Myasthenia Gravis Association; Huntington’s Disease Society of America; and the Alzheimer’s Association. This includes serving on community or professional advisory boards, and national boards of directors.

Financially, the neurology clinical practice continues to maintain strong controls over expenditures and consistent efforts at revenue enhancement including further expansion of clinical practice locations. Clinic operations and staffing patterns are continuously monitored to ensure optimum return on financial investments. Faculty members are encouraged to optimize their clinic time and to fully and efficiently utilize the time they spend in the clinic. Our patient population continues to grow and our clinic accessibility has expanded to meet the demand. Neurology clinic accessibility has been significantly enhanced with new faculty, appointment time management, and appropriate utilization of support staff.