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Department Faculty

Guodong Cao, PhD

Associate Professor
Phone: (412) 648-8858

Specialized Areas of Interest

Neuronal cell death; stroke.


The research work of Guodong Cao, PhD, focuses on the establishment of new approaches to study the mechanism of neural cell death after stoke as well as the development of novel therapeutic reagents to prevent the ischemic neuronal cell death.

Dr. Cao is interested in the application of conditional knockout and transgenic mice techniques in the study of molecular mechanism of stroke. Conditional knockout mice, which enables researchers to delete the interested gene in a brain-specific or temporally regulated manner, is a powerful tool to study the pathophysiological mechanism in stoke as well as other neurodegenerative diseases. The transgenic mice allow researchers to study the gene function by overexpression. Dr. Cao and his colleages have established both conditional knockout and transgenic mice and currently they are performing molecular mechanism study of neuronal cell death in a stroke model using those animals.

Dr. Cao has developed several therapeutic proteins. Preliminary data indicated that those proteins are potent neuroprotective reagent against ischemic injuries both in in vitro and in vivo model of ischemia. One of them may be potentially applied in clinic for the treatment of stroke

Dr. Cao's publications can be reviewed through the National Library of Medicine's publication database.

Professional Organization Membership

Society for Neuroscience

Editorial Service

• Ad Hoc Reviewer:

Brain Research
European Journal of Pharmacology

Dr. Cao

Dr. Cao