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Department Faculty

John J. Doyle, MD

Associate Professor of Neurology
Chief, General Neurology Division
Phone: (412) 692-4607

Specialized Areas of Interest

Clinical neurology; neurologic education.


John J. Doyle, MD, sees patients in the outpatient clinic where most of his clinical sessions include neurology residents who are fulfilling training requirements. As the goals in the clinic are to foster the clinical application of basic neurologic science, the mastery of clinical neurology, including the interpretation and judicious use of neurologic diagnostic tests, and offering effective treatment where available, Dr. Doyle anticipates that by the time the residents complete their training, they will be competent to enter practice. At the present time, he supervises eleven neurology residents on a weekly basis.

A board requirement for neurology residency training is that formal education be devoted to basic neuroscience including neurophysiology. Dr Doyle teaches a basic science course for neurology residents that meets approximately 45 weeks per year. Instruction is given in neurophysiology, including nerve excitability, synaptic function, neuropharmacology and neurochemistry, and systems analysis including motor, sensory and visceral motor functions. This course is offered yearly and is aimed at fostering clinical excellence through the application of up-to-date neuroscience. The content and emphasis of the course is changed yearly because of rapidly evolving research in the neurosciences. Dr. Doyle instructs neurology residents, residents in other disciplines such as psychiatry and physical medicine, and medical students on the neurology in-patient consultation service. His commitment is one week each month. On average, more than 50 consultations are seen each week.

Dr Doyle is also involved in medical student education. To this end, he participated in four sessions in neurology physical diagnosis, ten 2-hour group sessions in problem-based learning during the neuroscience course, ten additional small-group seminars, and lectured on disorders of consciousness. He continues to work on a text that emphasizes the clinical application of basic neuroscience.

Dr. Doyle was appointed head of the Division of General Neurology during 2005, and one of his goals is to upgrade the program of instruction in clinical neurology. One of the ways he will achieve this is to divide the body of knowledge into key areas which each resident will be expected to master prior to graduation. Evaluation will include mock board examinations as well as other more speedy evaluation tools. Dr Doyle is working with Dr. Allen Humphrey (Neurobiology) on ongoing revisions to the neuroscience course for the 2nd year medical students. He, with Dr. Lisa Roeske-Anderson, will deliver grand rounds on a monthly basis in a clinical case format.

Dr. Doyle is working to organize a regional CME program for neurologists. The thought behind this effort is that the volume of new information precludes random, ad hoc, CME, if the modern neurologist is to remain current. This program will be designed to provide yearly updates of new clinical and scientific information for the clinician, as well as featured in-depth reviews of major clinical areas in neurology offered on a rotating basis. The goal, not to say conceit, of the program is that yearly attendance will keep clinicians current.

Dr. Doyle assumed directorship of the neurology residency program in October 2006

Dr. Doyle's publications can be reviewed through the National Library of Medicine's publication database.

Professional Organization Membership

Allegheny County Medical Society
American Academy of Neurology
American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine
American Medical Association
Pennsylvania Medical Society

Dr. Doyle

Dr. Doyle